Get More Sunlight Indoors

Studies show that our health improves when we expose ourselves to sunlight. In an indoor environment with sunlight, we become more productive and relaxed. Also, sunlight triggers the hormones that allow us to stay awake during the day and sleep at night. Lack of sunlight lowers moods and causes depression. So, using sunlight as a […]

Harness the Sun for Positive Use

The sun is an endless source of natural energy that serves numerous applications. Humans are always trying to find creative ways to tap the potential of the sun, and that has fueled the discovery of many innovations and activities. Here are several ways that people capitalise on the natural power of the sun.

Improving Health […]

Getting Healthy: The Mind is the Key

When it comes to healthy living, there is no substitute for maintaining a regular and effective exercise regime to keep your body and soul balanced and happy. Unfortunately, staying motivated enough to keep up with that awesome exercise plan that you have created for yourself isn’t always the easiest thing to do, and that is […]

How to Keep Yourself Sane on the Road to Recovery

Illness can strike at any time, and, whether you are generally fit and healthy or you have had health issues before, recovering can be stressful. A great way to keep yourself on the road to recovery and keep your spirits up is to find ways to entertain yourself and occupy your mind. Keeping your mind […]

How to Live a Long and Healthy Life

We all know that there are ways to keep our bodies healthy, but we should pay just as much attention to keeping our minds in good condition too. Living a long and healthy life will require both a sound body and mind, so it makes sense to take care of both. The numerous ways to […]

Everything in Moderation; Moderation in Everything

Working, Eating, Drinking, Hobbies and Sleeping: Life consists mainly of these five things. And it doesn’t matter whether you are single or have a large family; these key factors are what keep the cogs of our daily lives turning – sometimes to our own detriment, when we invest too much time in any one of […]

Quit Smoking With Swedish Snus

Smoking is a very addictive habit. It can be satisfying once one is hooked to it, but on the other hand it can be very dangerous to one’s health. Many cigarette smokers struggle with the habit because it is very difficult to quit. It is required internationally that all cigarette packets have a label that […]

Why regular doctor visists are important

Regular visits to a family doctor or paediatrician are generally recommended for all children and adults. Women who see their gynaecologist for routine exams can learn more about the state of their health or any underlying conditions they may have.Healthcare professionals know the importance of these exams as they identify risk factors before they become […]

New Medical Procedures that Might Prolong Your Life

Modern medicine offers a number of novel procedures and treatments which may very well help to extend your life years into the future. Although some may appear to be more science fiction than fact, the truth of the matter is that such a revolution is already occurring. What are a handful of these treatments?

Gene […]

How To Achieve Good Health

We all know that we should be trying our very best to get and stay in ‘good health’. For some people it seems almost natural to be permanently healthy and live an active beneficial lifestyle, whereas for others it can appear to be a much greater and harder struggle, one that takes a lot of […]