Harness the Sun for Positive Use

The sun is an endless source of natural energy that serves numerous applications. Humans are always trying to find creative ways to tap the potential of the sun, and that has fueled the discovery of many innovations and activities. Here are several ways that people capitalise on the natural power of the sun.

Improving Health

The sun offers a number of health benefits such as reducing stress. Exposure to the sun helps boost serotonin levels, which enhances a person’s mood and minimises stress. The ultraviolet light of the sun provides Vitamin D, which is essential for proper bone growth. However, sun exposure must be limited to avoid adverse effects.


The sun offers radiant natural light that is critical in every building. Besides providing illumination during the day, the sun’s rays ensure that occupants enjoy the health benefits of sunlight. A room with sufficient natural light eliminates the need to use artificial light during the day thus, saving money. In instances where a building doesn’t receive sunlight as desired, people can use technologies such as Parans solar lighting to direct natural light to different parts.

Solar Thermal Energy

Heating is a huge contributor to energy use. From heating the water to keeping rooms warm during winter to heating a pool, thermal energy is a vital investment. Solar panels have changed how people meet their heating requirements. The solar photovoltaic system is designed to collect the heat from the sun and turn it into electricity. This power is distributed to various appliances such as water heaters, radiators and furnaces to cater to heating demands.

Drying clothes

An electric dryer may be fast and efficient, but it also consumes a lot of power. Putting clothes out to dry using the sun eliminates this energy consumption. An added advantage is that drying clothes naturally allows them to last longer compared to using a machine.The sun has a multitude of positive uses that people can enjoy directly or with the help of different technologies.