Get More Sunlight Indoors

Studies show that our health improves when we expose ourselves to sunlight. In an indoor environment with sunlight, we become more productive and relaxed. Also, sunlight triggers the hormones that allow us to stay awake during the day and sleep at night. Lack of sunlight lowers moods and causes depression. So, using sunlight as a light source is a healthy, smart, and sustainable idea.

Solar Lighting Systems

In the modern world, many people live in cities and highly populated areas with congested buildings. Therefore, people are at risk of working and living in buildings that lack sunlight. This can lead to low productivity and depression.

To solve this problem, Parans has a technology that allows sunlight to get into buildings naturally. It does this by inserting thin, flexible fiber optics deep into the building. This will allow areas far away from windows to get natural light. The light spreads up, giving a relaxing experience. As a property owner or architect, it is worth the investment.


The design is both innovative and energy-efficient. Moreover, the carbon footprint on the planet can greatly reduce if we use this new technology. To find out more about the benefits of these solar lighting systems, read more here.