Everything in Moderation; Moderation in Everything

Working, Eating, Drinking, Hobbies and Sleeping: Life consists mainly of these five things. And it doesn’t matter whether you are single or have a large family; these key factors are what keep the cogs of our daily lives turning – sometimes to our own detriment, when we invest too much time in any one of them. The thing is that all of the above factors are pleasurable, so it is very hard not to get over-excited and invest all available time if you find a new hobby that you love. Eating and drinking are essential to keep the human body working efficiently, and they are very social activities too, which is why we can get lost in them. It is up to each individual to keep a mental track of how much time is being invested in activities, and to make room for the others when one starts to take over. Working is a key area in which everyone often overdoes it. Whether it is working long days or checking emails on the weekends, work encroaches upon many people’s lives. This then increases stress levels, which causes individuals to seek ways in which to relax. Gambling is a prime activity which can be used to decrease stress levels, because there is no set time for it and there is no rushing about to get somewhere for a particular time. If a meeting at work has over-run, for example, then it’s simply not a problem. Because on the return home from work, one can log onto a casino website of one’s choice to play. However, gambling is another area in our lives where moderation is the key to stopping a pastime from becoming an addiction. With the huge variety of online activities available as hobbies, there is no excuse for not finding a way to relax in today’s modern society. However, it is definitely a case of everything in moderation and moderation in everything.